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-My Story -

I began my journey as a critical care nurse in 1992, which perfectly progressed into training as an Energy Medicine Healer, Intuitive and a Spiritual Counselor in 1997. I joyfully practiced full time in these modalities until 2019- a wonderful 22 years.  While doing this loving work and service I recalled my dream as a child to become an artist.  In my free time I explored painting, sewing, glasswork, mosaics, and clay- anything I get get my creative energy into!

My art began to focus and express the fundamentals I was teaching myself and my clients about self-love and the love of our Creator for us.  The energies of kindness, encouragement, humor and comfort flowed easily into my creations as I let go and enjoyed this part of myself.

In 2014 my husband and I followed our dream, packed up our home and moved from Wisconsin to beautiful sacred Sedona, AZ.  I let go of my healing practice as a full time expression and put my whole heart into creating Soul Shine Sedona- a retail store for the free spirit, where I could sell all of my creations with others.  It was a total success!

In 2022 we sold our business and shifted our attentions again, making another leap of faith by moving to Jefferson City, MO to live near my aging father who was needing some extra TLC.  Now, I focus on creating art full time, enjoying traveling with my retired husband, and cooking healthy plant based meals.  

I am a Plant Based Eating enthusiast- healing my body through nutrition, respecting the lives of animals, helping to protect the environment and loving our beautiful planet through my daily choices. Follow my plant based Instagram account if you are interested!

It is truly my creative intention to uplift and inspire you to love yourself more, take life less seriously, express yourself authentically and to live fearlessly and in alignment with your Soul.  I hope my art will help to support you on that path that brings you the most joy.

Namaste- Martina

(Namaste is a sanskrit saying that means "the light within me recognizes and honors the light within you")
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