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A beautiful piece of ART you can print for yourself! Digital file is a jpg. Please respect my copyright and do not share online or with others without credit to me. Copyright Across center of image is NOT on the digital file.


Soul Care Manifesto

I choose to remember that:

I was created to be Loved and to be LOVE.

I don't have to do anything to be worthy.

I am worthy simply because I exist.

I am my own source of validation.

My heart is tender and must be respected and valued, especially by myself.

I am capable of bringing into form whatever my heart yearns to create.  

I can trust myself to do so.

I am constantly changing, just like the world, and I allow myself to change my mind and my life to reflect my new truths.

I can let go of what no longer serves me.

I will listen to my inner aches- so I will know what I need to surrender.

I belong to my Soul first and foremost.

I will listen to this soft inner voice above all others.

Soul Care Manifesto

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